Red Nose Day

It was Red Nose Day on Friday 14 August this year and Fallon Solutions made sure to get silly for this serious cause!

We at Fallon all made sure to rock our red noses and donate to an important foundation; Red Nose Australia, a national charity with the goal to save little lives and support families that are impacted by the death of a baby or child.

Especially, since COVID-19 restrictions were first introduced across Australia, Red Nose has experienced a surge in requests for support from families who have lost a beloved baby during this difficult time.
Calls to the Red Nose 24/7 Grief and Loss Support Line have increased by 40%, while calls to the Red Nose Safe Sleep Advice Line from worried parents have jumped 30%.

Since Red Nose Day began in 1988, there’s been an INCREDIBLE 85% reduction in SIDS, now known as Sudden Infant Death in Infancy (SUDI). Even with this reduction, work at Red Nose Australia is not close to being done.

Red Nose Australia funds vital research and education programs dedicated to keeping our precious babies safe from stillbirth, SIDS, and other fatal sleeping accidents. Buy a Red Nose or make a donation this year to keep saving little lives!

Help stop little lives being cut short and get involved!

If you are interested in donating to this important cause, visit Red Nose Australia.

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