For our 2020 Fallon Cares Christmas initiative, we decided to help out an organisation that looks after a special kind of community; Deathrow Unchained animal rescue take on animals with no options, rescuing them from death row and providing them with a new home.

Our team of volunteers donated their time to transform a shed into an intensive care area for animals with medical conditions and prepared the disabilities yard for the hot summer, so all animals can stay cool and hydrated.

Fallon Cares Christmas initiative 2020

Deathrow Unchained is home to lots of different animals that need to be cared for, which isn’t only hard work for Kate and her team of volunteers, it also costs a lot of money.

There are many ways to help out such as booking a tour, buying merchandise, volunteering and making a donation. So if you’re interested in supporting the DRU animal rescue and help save more lives, visit their website for more information.